Smiling Jack Greeter

Smiling Jack, alternatively known as the Smiling Jack Greeter, is a halloween animatronic made in 2020.


It resembles a scarecrow like figure with a pumpkin head and pointy hat, a gray shirt and blue overalls, holding a shovel in its hands. The figure also has a bucket at its feet, intended to be filled with candy. When activated, Smiling Jack screams "Trick or Treat!" or "Boo!" and then throws his shovel over his head; his head then thrashes violently as he manically laughs.

Tekky's Description

"Smiling Jack Springs Into Action When Trick-Or-Treaters Reach For Candy!"

  • Thrilling Animation
  • Chilling Halloween Sound Effects
  • Sound; Motion Or Footpad Activated 


  • This prop features the same animation as Rusty, made the year prior.
  • Despite the Jmarcus description stating that the eyes light up, they actually do not.
  • The Morris Costumes and HorrorDome descriptions of this prop are the same.



Places sold

  • Morris Costumes
  • Jmarcus
  • Party City


3.5' Inch


$199.99 (Morris Costumes), $250.00 (Jmarcus)

$209.99 (

$179.99 (Party City)